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Past events

Founclave Season 1

Founclave Season 1

A series of 1-hour talk sessions by successful entrepreneurs! These 15 sessions were attended by 300+ students from across India and went on till October. Our speakers included the founders of Faad network, SPAROW & FoodStamp, Pracify & DU Express, DalalStreet.ai, Finladder and many more!

Simultaneously we were helping or as we like to say ‘Hoick-ing’ start-ups from domains like - Event Management, Media and Tech.

Techstars Start-up Weekend Noida!

This virtual 3-day event saw a turnout of 30 teams from which the top 4 teams pitched their ideas in front of Aswini Thota, Manjula Nairr and Manish Gupta. There were 6 young established entrepreneurs mentoring the teams during the 54-hours.
Startup Weekend Noida
Learn With Hoick

Learn With Hoick!

A unique 45-minute game designed to teach the ABC’s of a start-up pitch that ends in each team presenting their elevator pitch to the audience. Started in the month of January this game has been appreciated a lot by our audience and we are currently in conversations with colleges across India to organize the same.
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